Extra Bobbins

The Kromski regular bobbins allow you to store about 50% more yarn than bobbins from other manufacturers. All the Kromski spinning wheel models use the same bobbin size.

Threading Hook

Included with each Kromski wheel. This hook has a fancy turned handle making it a perfect accessory for your wheel. Just bend the wire to work with your wheel. Available unfinished and in clear, mahogany and walnut.

Extra Flyers for Single Drive Wheels

Jumbo Flyer The Jumbo Flyer adds nearly 2 times the space for yarn over the already great size regular bobbin, so if you are plying or just spinning singles, you can put more on a Jumbo bobbin. The orifice on the Jumbo Flyer is .7 inches, so you can spin thick yarn or do heavy plys. The ratios are great …

Padded Bag for Sonata

This is the way to treat your Sonata. This heavy duty, padded bag will protect your wheel when folded. Whether you are storing it at home or traveling across the country, rest assured that all is well. The folded Sonata fits firmly on extra heavy base pads and the flyer has a padded mitten that slips over it for added …

Spinning Stool

You need to sit right to spin comfortably. This sturdy stool has a contoured seat that will let you spin for hours. The legs are turned to allow a permanent seat height adjustment from 17″ to 18.5″. Available unfinished or with a clear, walnut or mahogany finish.  


Make a ball of yarn using just this stick. Available unfinished, with a clear finish and with a walnut or mahogany finish. Using a Nostepinne

Niddy Noddies

You can’t spin without a Niddy Noddy. The Kromskis make three sizes for three different size skeins: 30″, 48″ and 72″. The two smaller sizes are available in clear, walnut, and mahogany. The large Niddy is available unfinished, clear, walnut and mahogany stain finish.   About the Niddy Noddy

Tensioned Lazy Kates

Kromski Makes Two Styles of Lazy Kates – Arched and Upright Arched – Standard on Mazurka and Symphony Wheels Upright – Standard on the Polonaise Each Lazy Kate holds up to three bobbins. The bobbin rods are made of heavy metal.┬áThese tensioned Kates will accommodate most brands of bobbins including Ashford (standard bobbins), Jensen, Reeves, Timbertops, Majacraft and Lendrum (regular …

Kromski Warping Sticks

A simple weaving tool, but one that is sure to give your weaving the key to a perfectly tensioned warp. It is easy to use, as you wind your warp on the rear beam use our warp sticks to create a strong foundation that will support your warp from side to side and from one end to the other. Throw …

Kromski Drop Spindles

Top whorl spindles are excellent for beginners and for general purpose spindle spinning. Available in walnut, clear, mahogany and unfinished. Weight is 3oz. Length is 12 inches.