Harp – A Rigid Heddle Loom

16" Kromski Harp
Please Note: The Kromskis Harp in the 24" and 32" size do not have an arched heddle. The wood is straight. Pictures shown here may show a 16" heddle, which does have an arch.

Perhaps the most popular rigid heddle loom in North America. If you are new to weaving, proceed with confidence as the Harp will prepare you for a lifetime of weaving – what you learn on a Harp all carries forward to a larger loom. Size, price point and the Harp package of accessories make it a perfect loom. Features of the Harp • A warping board is integral the Harp’s design: turn over the loom…

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The Prelude


The Prelude is a single drive wheel with all the touches modern spinners expect and the look of an antique wheel, which makes it perfect for re-enactors. It uses the same bobbins as all the other Kromski wheels, even the double drive wheels. Kromski bobbins work on all the different models, which is a plus for anyone owning multiple wheels. The Prelude is easy to treadle and transport, and has an 18″ diameter wheel (same…

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The Fantasia


Thoroughly modern, but Kromski in concept and design. The Fantasia features a new design for a single drive flyer for a very fast bobbin change. The whorl is “changeable” for different speeds. To change bobbins, the front of the flyer simply pulls off – no drive band to deal with. See how fast it is in the video below! The flyer also has sliding hooks. Also, both the flyer and the wheel spin on sealed…

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The Sonata


The Sonata is a full-size spinning wheel that folds into a small and compact package. It is perfect for traveling, guild and festival gatherings or simply storage. It has a solid feel and footprint with plenty of foot room and easy treadling on double treadles. The orifice is at a comfortable and adjustable height. It features attention grabbing spokes with cuts, curves and character in every piece of wood. A custom-made, heavily padded bag is…

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The Interlude


A single drive, single treadle spinning wheel that completes the Saxony design series from the Kromskis. The Saxony style is what most people envision for a spinning wheel. The Saxony series includes three models: the Prelude, the Symphony and now the Interlude. The Interlude offers the modern spinner maximum spinning options for all types of fibers and yarns. The 22″ diameter wheel allows a wide range of ratios and smooth treadling while remaining easy to transport.…

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The Symphony


The classic spinning wheel. The Symphony takes the imagination on a journey to a medieval castle, where “ladies in waiting” gather to spin. A perfect choice for re-enactors! The Symphony is made of finely turned European Alder and Birch and comes packed with all the features and attention to detail spinners have come to expect from Kromski products. The 24″ wheel diameter rotates on bearing sleeves, contributing to effortless treadling. The double treadles are well-engineered…

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The Minstrel


Kromski of Poland is setting a new standard for castle style wheels. The design is perfect for re-enacters and is made of European Alder and Birch. It features a wide, steady base for the double treadle operation and is larger than many upright wheels – 18″. Two support posts make the wheel easy to mount. The third post mounts an optional distaff. The Minstrel has a strong, bold lines and a large base to accommodate…

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The Polonaise


The level of detail and turning is breathtaking. Notice the wood grain marbling that is highlighted by the stain and finish. No other wheel being made today comes close to this level of detail. A spinner could pay substantially more for other wheels and still not have the beauty of a Kromski. This wheel is a great value that spins as well as it looks. The Polonaise features functional wheel angle adjustments so the proper…

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